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About Techwine

TechWine is formed by a team of highly experienced professionals who had gathered their experience by cutting their teeth with some of the finest outfits in the industry. The company is certainly in the growth mode, but the experience of the professionals behind the company is noteworthy. The company provides end-to-end solutions. The range of services provided by it cover almost the entire spectrum of information technology, from assembling and servicing personal

computers (branded and assembled) planning to layout of structure, cabling and network system, Annual Maintenance Contracts for already established mainframe and system installation and troubleshooting of software and hardware solutions. Having started its operations by serving small enterprises and in the process impressed many clients and added to its portfolio a number of corporate clientele, looking for genuine and dependable quality service providers. TechWine had its humble beginnings but gained experience over the years working with some of the most professional establishments and outfits that were in the industry for a number of years, thus gaining invaluable expertise by personally executing jobs and latter on assigning and supervising a team in the process of execution of the project.


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